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Natalia SLS 2 Overview
The All-New Natalia SLS 2

The Natalia SLS 2 sport luxury sedan, the world's first $2 million production automobile, will be completely distinctive from bumper to bumper. It will be the world's fastest, most technologically-advanced, and finest four-door sport luxury sedan in transportation history.

The Natalia promises to feature dozens of innovations never seen before in any production automobile. Here are just a few of the planned, advanced features.


DiMora Motorcar V16 Volcano Engine

At the heart of every great motorcar is a great engine. The DiMora Volcano V16 engine will produce 1200 horsepower, yet will offer excellent gas mileage by using variable-cylinder tech­nology and an unusually lightweight engine block. The design, casting, and materials will set it apart from all prior engine technology.


Fuel System

The fuel system will use cutting-edge technology that we anticipate will yield a dramatic increase in gas mileage, while boosting performance and decreasing emissions to the point that a catalytic converter should not be needed.


Aerospace Body Construction

The chassis and body will use advanced aerospace materials and construction tech­niques to give superior strength at a weight easily 1,500 pounds less than luxury vehi­cles its same size. This weight advantage will further improve gas mileage and per­formance. The strength will add to the driver's and passengers' safety.


More than 60 Onboard Computer Systems

The Natalia technology will be driven by the most sophisticated computer systems ever used in an automobile. They will be tightly integrated to control the vehicle's perform­ance, safety, comfort, communications, and entertainment.


Four-wheel Drive and Four-wheel Steering

The drive train and steering systems will afford superior maneuverability, handling, and safety.


Variable Suspension

The unique suspension system will provide a smoother ride than in any luxury sedan with the performance characteristics of the finest sports cars.



The Natalia will use revolutionary paint technology. One optional feature of the paint will be to allow the automobile to change from black or blue when it's cool outside to white when it's hot.



The Natalia will be the first production automobile to use a patented new design and mate­rial technology for its bumpers. Low speed impacts will result in minimal damage beyond a paint scratch. At higher speeds, the bumper will perform its most important function: minimizing harm to the passengers.


Vision Enhancement

The Natalia will incorporate night vision into the head-up windshield display. Additionally, external cameras throughout the automobile will feed the head-up display to eliminate all blind spots.



The headlights will house small video screens and a video projector. These will display any Natalia video stream: movies from the automobile's DVD player, satellite TV broadcasts, live video coming from any of the automobile's cameras, or a professional video about the automobile and our sponsors. Thus, the automobile will be able to tell the viewer about Natalia and our sponsors while parked.


Next-generation Lighting Systems

The Natalia will make use of sophisticated LED and fiber-optic lighting inside and out to give effects normally reserved for Hollywood productions. Among its many uses, light­ing will be adjusted through the biofeedback system to help keep the driver alert.


Handicapped-assisting Front Passenger Seat

The front passenger seat will glide forward, rotate 90 degrees, and transport the passenger to the sidewalk or a wheelchair. No other production automobile offers this as a standard feature.


NASA Foam Technology

The interior will feature NASA foam technology combined with a newly-created gel lin­ing and newly-created leather. This will provide unparalleled interior comfort.


115v or 230v AC Outlets

Since we all carry many electronic devices, how nice it will be to have normal electric outlets to plug them into. This is the kind of attention to detail that helps make the Natalia unique.


Wireless Personal Computer

There will be a full-function, hand-held Windows personal computer that is 4.9" x 3.4" x 0.9" and weighs 14 ounces. It will have one gigabyte of memory, a 100 gigabyte hard drive, its own keyboard, and a full complement of ports. It will wirelessly connect to an external monitor, full-size keyboard, the Internet, and a portable printer, while in or out of the automobile.


Retractable TV Screens and Bar

The back-seat passengers will enjoy remote-controlled, retractable TV screens and bar. The large-screen TVs will use directed-sound technology so each person can watch different programming without the sound disturbing others without the use of headphones.


Thermally-controlled Cup Holders

Enhanced design blends the cup holders with the luxurious interior while keeping your drinks hot or cold at the touch of a switch. A fiber-optic ring will glow dimly, either red or blue, as it heats or cools the drink.


A Woman's Touch

We will create an elegantly-stated, limited-production purse, a $12,000 value that will be included with each Natalia SLS 2.


Additional Luxury Items

  • State-of-the-art computerized rear seat massage is guaranteed to relax you.
  • Italian walnut, hand-inlaid burlwood will give the dash and bar a lustrous feel.
  • English wool carpeting and lamb's wool mats will enhance the interior.
  • Lighted Waterford crystal ashtrays will beautify the interior.
  • Only a demonstration of a Natalia wine bottle can do justice to its amazing, pat­ented, self-uncorking system. Suffice it to say, this is the world's only wine bot­tle with the corkscrew built in.
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