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DiMora Motorcar Announces Electric Car Division

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DiMora Motorcar Announces Electric Car Division

Project SunSource Unveiled

Palm Springs, California – May 26, 2016 – DiMora Motorcar is expanding its roster of innovative automobile offerings and joining forces with the sustainability mindset to now offer its first all-electric car. The technology is set to debut later this year and is nothing short of impressive.

Company founder Sir Alfred J. DiMora’s 40-year background in the automotive industry and 20-year background in new technology implementation run deep, having developed the world’s fastest hyper-computer and the software language for it. He also created numerous successful technology innovations used in the automotive industry.

“Fifteen years ago I predicted that cars would become computers, move away from being gasoline powered, and move toward being more sustainable,” said DiMora. “With the state-of-the-art system that we’ve developed, there is no doubt that our technology will be ready for market sooner than my original estimates.”

Ahead of schedule, the DiMora e-car has been the company’s highly-guarded secret, known simply as Project SunSource, while their media attention has focused primarily on the limited-edition DiMora Vicci 6.2, the $1.2 million luxury rolling art automobile.

Each customer will have the opportunity to customize their DiMora e-car by choosing the interior leather, paint color scheme, and other personal touches that that will make it as unique as the individual purchasing it.

“An important goal is to help reduce not only our carbon footprint, but also that of our environmentally-conscious clientele,” said DiMora. “We are in a position to make a difference for the better, so we intend to expand our focus into the green marketplace with our unique automobiles.”

While a proprietary DiMora motor will propel the e-car, it will inherit many features from the DiMora Vicci 6.2. Carbon DFD technology will help keep the car as lightweight as possible while also being sensitive to the demands being made by consumers looking for a more cost-effective electric car price point option.

“There have been rumors that we are being acquired,” said DiMora. “While it's true that we have been approached by global firms to acquire our company, at this time we have not accepted any offers. Our company is unique in the diversity of technologies we offer.”

DiMora Motorcar is open to pursuing partnerships with the likes of Google, Apple, or other like-minded technology firms that are entering into the electric and autonomous vehicle market. The company not only has a proven track record in the automotive industry, but also in the adaptation of cutting-edge technology within the automobiles that they build. DiMora also has no shareholders and no debt, which makes it an enticing commodity to other companies seeking to acquire proven technology products for the electric car industry.

About DiMora Motorcar

Based in Palm Springs, California, DiMora Motorcar excels in providing distinctive, limited-edition transportation solutions. The DiMora Neoclassics series of luxury automobiles includes the Vicci 6.2, now in production, and the Adina, now in the prototype phase. Sir Alfred J. DiMora co-founded the Sceptre Motorcar Company, whose Sceptre 6.6S received Best-of-Show honors at the 1978 Los Angeles Auto Show. DiMora also founded the new Clenet Coachworks, Inc. in the 1980’s to continue designing and building the Clenet series of automobiles. When President Reagan declared 1986 the Centennial Year of the Gasoline-Powered Automobile, DiMora's Clenet was selected as the Official Centennial Car, resulting in honors for DiMora and the Clenet at the Automobile Hall of Fame in Michigan. Please visit or Complete specifications for the Vicci 6.2 Convertible may be found at To purchase DiMora products, please call 760-832-9070.