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This is the inaugural issue of the Insider newsletter--your gateway to DiMora Motorcar's new approach to creating automobiles. These newsletters will give you the opportunity to learn about and participate in an exciting adventure. You will be educated about how our vehicles are designed, built, and tested including all manner of breakthrough technologies. You will have an opportunity to meet the people who are doing the work and to interact with our sponsors. You will be updated on the DiMora Reward$ program, what is showing on DiMora TV, and the latest results from the planned treasure hunt for thousands of prizes-including a $2 million Natalia SLS 2 sport luxury sedan.

DiMora Motorcar is creating what we believe to be the most incredible automobile ever to roll off the production line. The performance, technology, safety, and beauty of the Natalia SLS 2 sport luxury sedan will set standards unmatched by any other car on the planet.

While the $2 million price will limit the number of people purchasing a Natalia, the rest of us will still be able to experience and enjoy this amazing automobile.

When you look at the history of automotive development, you will find all sorts of innovations that are common on cars today that were expensive or limited to special niches such as racing when they were first introduced. But the early adopters help the inventor in several ways. They provide financial support to continue development, they provide feedback on problems encountered in using the early designs, and they whet the public's appetite for the invention. This often leads to improved versions that come down in price as production increases. The list of now-common car components that followed this path is very long, ranging from starter motors and air conditioning to fuel injection, disc brakes, and GPS navigation systems.

So, in some ways, you can consider the Natalia SLS 2 as a preview of what you will eventually be driving in more affordable cars. A minor example might be the beverage holders. The Natalia beverage holders will do more than just hold your mocha latte or root beer float. With just a touch of the red button you will keep your drink hot, or with a just touch of the blue button you will keep your drink cold. This may seem frivolous today, but in 2012 or 2015 this feature may be standard equipment on a Camry or Malibu. Then you can tell your kids about those primitive days of your youth when all a drink holder did was hold your drink.

This example shows another way that DiMora Motorcar is different from other automobile manufacturers. We actually want you to participate in the process of designing the Natalia. We want your feedback as to whether we are on the right track as we develop the features, capabilities, and components of this car. We may ask you to participate in a survey of the best ways to implement the hot/cold beverage holder concept. Should the user touch a button or flip a switch to turn on the temperature control? Or should the device respond to spoken commands? Should the button be blue or white for cold? Should the button light up when activated? Should the angle or texture of the button surface change when it is activated so the driver or a vision-impaired passenger can tell the status by touch without looking at it? You can participate online in these discussions to help us decide these and hundreds of other design issues and earn DiMora Reward$ at the same time.

When you read the Insider, we will give you the opportunity to learn about the process of designing cars. We will show you what goes on at our design facilities.

With support from our sponsors, we plan to publish special offers in the newsletter that are not offered through the website.

The Natalia Treasure Hunt will be another reason to read each issue of the Insider. Clues will provide you with tips to help you figure out how to find valuable prizes. And don't forget the grand prize: a $2 million Natalia SLS 2 sport luxury sedan! That's right. Somebody will find the grand prize. Why not you?

So again, welcome to this first issue of the Insider from DiMora Motorcar. Join us on this adventure as we embark on our quest to create the finest automobiles on the planet. Through the Insider, we will steer you to what's new or changed throughout our website. In this issue, for example, you will read about our first fleet order. That's right. One customer has already ordered ten Natalias. Wow!

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