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A Seat for Handicapped Passengers


Most of us have friends or relatives who need a bit of assistance to get around, due to injury, disease, or just the normal aging process, and standing or walking may be difficult or impossible for them. The person who requires the use of a cane, crutches, or wheelchair often has difficulty getting in and out of an automobile.

DiMora Motorcar understands this problem and believes that the Natalia SLS 2 should be designed to accommodate those with limited mobility. The front passenger seat will make the transition into and out of the car as comfortable as possible for the handicapped passenger.

The first requirement is plenty of legroom in the front seats for the passenger who may be unable to bend a leg because of a cast or some other inconvenience. The spacious Natalia is complemented with a dashboard configured to maximize unobstructed legroom. The Natalia also meets the requirement that the door opens wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair.

The seat itself is the pivotal part of the solution. At the touch of a button it rises, glides forward to a set point, and rotates 90° to the right. From there, it carries the passenger outside the vehicle, to make it easier to stand or transfer to a waiting wheelchair. The procedure is reversed to enter the vehicle.

The handicapped-assisting front passenger seat will be standard equipment on every Natalia SLS 2, a first for a production automobile.

So the next time you observe a handicapped person struggling to enter or exit a car, consider the Natalia solution to the problem. After DiMora Motorcar demonstrates that a better solution is possible, look to see if other manufacturers begin to offer such seats as options in their cars as well. This is one way that luxury automobile manufacturers contribute to the development of better cars all along the cost spectrum.


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