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A Bit of History

The $2 Million Name

By Yvonne DiMora


Naming automobiles, like naming children, is an emotionally-charged experience. It was no different for Alfred DiMora, founder of DiMora Motorcar, when he named his latest automotive creation the Natalia SLS 2 sport luxury sedan, for this is more than just a name to him.

Natalia, one of several variants along with Natale, Natalie, or Natasha, means: inspiring leadership, originality, creativity, and wisdom; able to create practical solutions to unsolvable problems; hardworking and tenacious; admired, honest, having integrity, loved, loyal, potential to achieve enormous success.

Certainly, these meanings matched Alfred's vision of Natalia, the first $2 million V16 1200 horsepower production automobile, slated to be completely distinctive from bumper to bumper.

However, Natalia holds deeper significance for Alfred. His birth-mother, Phyllis, died of cancer when she was only 34. Alfred's father, James, was left with the burden of caring for three young boys while working full-time. It became so difficult that he was faced with the unbearable possibility of sending them to an orphanage. Being an orphan himself, he prayed for an alternative.

His prayers were answered at the eleventh hour by Mary coming into their lives to save the family from heartache and grief.

Mary had just arrived from Italy. The first time she visited the family, she was touched by the boys, especially two-year-old Alfred. The stare of his big green eyes as he ran with his brothers to greet her tugged at Mary's heartstrings. He jumped in her arms, gave her a big hug, and the rest is history.

Mary, orphaned herself, could not let this happen to the boys. She stepped in to care for them and became the best mother they could have imagined. She was sent by Providence, in the direst of circumstances, to be there for Alfred and his family.

Coincidentally, Mary looks strikingly like Alfred's birth-mother, Phyllis. They were even born in the same month and year and share the same middle name.

Alfred will always be grateful for the miracle of Mary and all she has done for him and his family. So, in her honor, he has named the first DiMora Motorcar automobile Natalia after Mary's maiden name Natale.

Natalia comes from the root Latin phrases "natale domini," meaning the birth of the Lord and "natalis dies," meaning birth day.

This is the "birth" of a new standard of excellence for automotive engineering and luxury—a standard never before experienced. While only a handful will enjoy the pride of ownership, the world will share in and participate in Natalia's "birth" at

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