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DiMora Motorcar is a unique automobile manufacturer. It is a company that views the challenge of creating a magnificent new automobile as an opportunity to allow millions of people to participate in an exciting adventure. From the youngster who enjoys making plastic car models to the veteran chemical engineer who has invented a way to produce more power from a drop of fuel, there is a way for almost anybody to get involved in the Natalia SLS 2 development program. If you are an artist looking for a new subject to draw, a novelist in search of a setting for a mystery, or a politician looking for a symbol to vilify, or one of millions of car enthusiasts, there is something here for everyone.

The Club DiMora Forum is the focal point for discussing almost any ideas and perspectives on the DiMora Motorcar programs. For specific discussions of the Natalia SLS 2 Design, Build, and Test, there are separate forms in the Natalia section of this website. But for almost any other topic, the Club DiMora Forum is the place to be.